Cinderella Unlimited Housecleaning Service - Since 1979
Cinderella Unlimited Housecleaning Service - Since 1979

We bring magic to our work.

We provide caring home and office cleaning by reliable workers who take pride in their work. We do our magic in Litchfield County & Hartford County, CT.

We clean team-style, so the work goes quickly. That way we won’t tie up your day.

There are no long-term contracts to sign. Whether you need…

  • on-call cleaning
  • regular maintenance
  • periodic touch-ups
  • move-in / move-out cleaning
  • or deep-down spring/fall cleaning like Grandma did

…we’ll make wonderful things happen. Just ask us for references!

How we can help you.

We’ve been at this for nearly 40 years. We’re insured and bonded through Liberty Mutual, and we background check every employee.

We provide customized cleaning, doing just what you want, and using the cleaning products you choose.

We offer a wide range of services, such as:

  • top-to-bottom home or office cleaning
  • wall-washing
  • changing beds
  • laundry
  • moving furniture as needed
  • gift certificates (give the gift of cleaning)
  • …and so much more.

And we love working around our clients’ pets!

Just call (860) 379-1769.

Meet the Cinderellas

Our cleaning staff—our Cinderellas—come from so many backgrounds. A single mom supporting her family. A student putting herself through dental school. A retiree who loves the chance to get out of the house and make a difference in peoples’ lives.

They’re dependable, honest, and experienced. Our Cinderellas love listening to our clients, and care so much about meeting their needs.

They take tremendous pride in walking into a house that needs some help, and seeing it sparkle when they leave.

We help our workers reach their dreams.

Morgan Finn started cleaning houses in 1979 to be home when her children weren’t in school. By fall of that year, she had four cleaning teams.

The job appealed to parents of young children, retirees, and college students, since it let them work the hours when they were available.

Some cleaners pay employees “under the table” in cash, without worker’s comp, liability insurance, or social security and medicare payments for their employees. All of our Cinderellas are above the table employees.

Morgan has always seen Cinderella Unlimited as a way for her workers to put money aside and improve their lives. “I’m so proud that many of my workers have used their time with us to reach their dreams—in the true spirit of Cinderella.”

Meet the Fairy Godmother

“I started off as an entrepreneur when I was a kid with a curbside lily-of-the-valley stand.

“As an adult, I supported my family as a Fuller Brush sales person & manager. I also had a biodegradable laundry soap route on Cape Cod to put myself through college as a single mom of two. I helped Dunhill Personnel open a temporary job division.

“I think Cinderella Unlimited has bloomed because I always try to put myself into customers’ shoes by never pressuring anybody. That means I won’t pressure you when you call.”

Morgan Finn, Founder